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DIY Coronavirus Tracking

Everybody enjoying their shelter in place, we trust? Yes, it’s interesting times indeed, especially here at Trollwerks Manor in downtown Bangkok where we’ve been working the last while for a big OTA — a particularly challenged industry, that is! And of course we’d like to do something mashing up travel and coronavirus stats … but, as you’ve no doubt heard, Apple isn’t letting any indie apps tracking coronavirus be published.

However, if you’d like to roll your own, several people have stepped up and published their efforts on Github:


Covidcheck is an app that allows people to track COVID-19 cases in an easy-to-use interface to increase awareness and preparation. Unfortunately, Apple has rejected Covidcheck as the App Store Review Guidelines require that medical apps are published by medical institutions, so I’ve open sourced Covidcheck under a very free license with the intent that people can use it for any purpose…


  • Current statistics of global total confirmed, deaths, recovered cases.
  • Statistics of countries and regions total cases count
  • World map with annotation pin and description of affected regions
  • Datasets is provided by ArcGIS Esri Corona Virus dataset.
  • Basic advice to prevent and handle virus, myth busters Q&A from WHO.


  • Live data: Shows the most recent data, and updates automatically.
  • Distribution map with two levels of details:
  • Countries: When the user zooms out. Fewer details and reduced clutter.
  • Cities: When the user zooms in. More details.
  • Charts:Current state chart for all countries (and cities).
  • Timeline chart for all countries (and cities).
  • Top affected countries chart with info about every country.
  • Option for using a logarithmic scale.
  • Search for countries & cities.
  • Share stats & charts as images.
  • Today widget for worldwide stats (Contributed by Piotr Ożóg).
  • Red color scale: Reflects the number of confirmed cases. In addition to increasing circle size.
  • Statistics: Including the number of confirmed, recovered, and deaths, in addition to percents.
  • iPad & macOS support.

Even if you’re not looking for a Corona-chan live feed of your own, check these out for some nice design ideas for presenting geographical information!

And if you do have the skills and time to actually do something useful, check out this list of 


Open source projects, datasets, apps, hackathons, and even hardware — contribute if you can, pass along if you can’t, and above all, stay safe, Dear Readers!