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Padding it Out

So you thinking the rumours swirling about the A10X and the iPad Pro Mini sound … compelling? Yeah, us too. If those turn out anywhere close to reality, looks like 2017’s going to be the year we go all in on iOS, at least to the extent of travelling (which we do a good bit of, now that we’re based out of Bangkok and all). Last year, that was just about practical:

A Computer for Everything: One Year of iPad Pro

… I use my iPad Pro for everything. It’s my writing machine and favorite research tool, but I also rely on it to organize my finances, play games, read books and watch movies, program in Python and Workflow, and manage two successful businesses. While I’ve been advocating for such multi-purpose use of the iPad platform for a while, the iPad Pro elevated the threshold of possibilities, reaching an inflection point that has pushed others to switch to an iPad as their primary computer as well…

“What, how on earth can you work on apps off an iPad?”, you ask? Well, there’s number of options there already if you’re a web developer

14 great programming apps for your iPad 2016

Apparently Pythonista 3 is generally well regarded. Which would be great, if, y’know, we’d written any Python since 2013. Oh, wait. Well, for our use case of Xcode-based building process, we’ll give this a shot:

Dringend: A fully-fledged iOS & Mac development environment on iPhone and iPad

Build & run your apps on the go

Dringend lets you build and run your application wherever you are in the world, be it on a beach or whilst relaxing at a cafe. View errors and warnings just like in Xcode and best of all you can run your project on the iPhone or iPad itself. (Mac to act as build server & Dropbox account required)…

Sounds … well, like pretty much exactly what we want, really. We’ll see how that works out in practice and let you know!

Then, since we keep our private stuff on Bitbucket, looks like this is worth a shot too:

Git2Go: The Git client for iPhone and iPad you always wanted

Git2Go is the first app for iOS which unleashes your full development productivity from everywhere. Clone all your GitHub and Bitbucket repositories with just one tap, manage branches and easily commit changes after you’ve edited code on-the-fly – All from your iPhone and iPad!

Yup, looks like that could work too.

Working Copy: a powerful Git client for iOS that clones, edits, commits, pushes & more…

Or that!

Any of you Dear Readers attempted to develop, or at least make an emergency patch release with, an iOS app with any of these? Or know of any others we should be putting on the trial list?


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