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WebApp.Net: iPhone Micro Framework

Freshly released today for all you iPhone-friendly web designers out there:, a micro-framework to let you quickly make iPhone-styled pages. Check out the demo here, or its first professional deployment at the iPhone version of the French investment website. Here’s the announced feature list:

  • Automatically handled navigation and header title
  • Compatibility with browser navigation buttons
  • Easy to use and fully integrated AJAX technology usable also with forms
  • Easy quicktime media integration
  • Custom form elements (toggle button, …)
  • Custom events to catch slide effect, rotation, AJAX errors, etc…
  • Ready to use advanced CSS for common iPhone/iPod Touch elements
  • Per layer bookmarks (see advanced features)
  • Search engine compliance (see advanced features)
  • Desktop version of Safari and Firefox compatibility for easy debugging
  • h/t: safari-iphone-web-dev!

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    Which JavaScript library?

    Question for those of you out there that have actually done any iPhone web apps so far — what JavaScript libraries, if any, are you using? I seem to see jQuery is generally popular; the righteous dudes over at BraveNewCode used Prototype/Scriptaculous for WPtouch and are looking into MooTools; any of you have feedback on those choices or have other recommendations for best iPhone web development practices?

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    Coherent: Ajax Cocoa Bindings

    Here’s another interesting tool for you JavaScript programmers; a library that implements Cocoa Bindings for your next game changing AJAX app. As they state at their Flickr browsing demo:

    “Flickr Browser is a demo of the Coherent library, which is a blatant rip off, er, loving copy of Apple’s Cocoa Bindings technology for the Web.”

    Heh. Well, if you design using MVC, even if you’ve never heard of Cocoa Bindings, you’ll probably find the library interesting at the least, check it out!

    Project page is here.

    h/t: ajaxian!
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    jQuery iPhone Plugin

    This looks like it’ll be of interest to you JavaScript programmers targeting the iPhone: There’s a new plugin for what I gather is the generally well-regarded jQuery JavaScript library (dual licensed under MIT/GPL, which equates to “do absolutely anything at all you can conceive of with it”) for iPhone-related functionality, which is eponymously named the jQuery iPhone Plugin. Here’s the initial features mentioned in the announcement post:


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    WPTouch: WordPress iPhonified!

    If you have a WordPress blog (and really, who doesn’t, these days?) we have some excellent news for you: today there’s a great — a seriously great — WordPress plugin now available that automatically formats your blog for visitors using an iPhone or iPod touch. Check this out:


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    WebKit Innovations

    Over at the coderead blog there’s an interesting post on the pace of new developments in WebKit with specific links to the Surfin’ Safari blog, which gathers together a handy list which we’ll copy here for easy future reference:

    • 2008-04-24 – CSS Masks
    • 2008-04-17 – CSS Canvas Drawing
    • 2008-04-14 – CSS Gradients
    • 2008-04-08? – CSS Transitions
    • 2007-10-31 – CSS Animation (spec proposal)
    • 2007-10-26 – CSS Transforms (spec proposal)
    • 2006-12-21 – Text Fill and Stroke
    • 2004? – HTML Canvas – thankfully this was quickly reviewed and thrown into HTML5 so that Opera and Mozilla could get into the act
    • Others -webkit-border-horizontal-spacing, -webkit-border-vertical-spacing, -webkit-margin-bottom-collapse, -webkit-margin-collapse, -webkit-margin-start, -webkit-margin-top-collapse, -webkit-padding-start, background-position-x, background-position-y, -webkit-tap-highlight-color (iPhone only), -webkit-text-security, -webkit-text-size-adjust (iPhone only), -webkit-line-break, -webkit-nbsp-mode, -webkit-rtl-ordering, -webkit-user-drag, -webkit-user-modify, -webkit-user-select, -webkit-dashboard-region (Dashboard only)

    Worth checking out; what’s in WebKit today is very likely on the iPhone tomorrow!

    h/t: coderead, MacSurfer!

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    Under The Bridge Store now open!

    So we’ve created an Amazon store to guide the Gentle Reader to how they should go about building their iPhone programming library, as well as — hopefully! — support further building out our own.

    It is, naturally, called the Under The Bridge Store. Take a look now!

    The layout is, the front page “Coming Soon!” is things that we haven’t examined personally, but we figure probably will turn out worth buying. Whatever earnings this store produces will be applied directly to buying things on that page, and we’ll review them here, and then either move them to the other categories or delete them as we judge appropriate.

    The other categories are all books that are, indeed, in our reference library right now, and we believe should be in any iPhone programmer’s library, divided by main focus into “Programming – iPhone”, “Programming – OS X”, and “Programming – General”. We may get around to specifically reviewing those at some point in the future — although hopefully we’ll be focusing on exciting new goodies instead of the old stalwarts — but they all have at least a few Amazon reader reviews so you can go by those in the meantime.

    Browse, enjoy, and buy!

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    Here’s what looks like it could be an interesting full-time job for any of you other budding iPhone developers out there who are in/will move to Los Angeles:

    Modern Feed & Supply, Inc. is a start-up based in Los Angeles. Our website was launched at the end of March and has since received numerous accolades. The Modern Feed mission is to make it simple to find and view high-quality full-length programming online. Programming spans the gamut between “Lost” and the “Nobel Peace Prize Lectures.” For us, the experience is not limited to just your computer. Our first mobile Modern Feed implementation is on the iPhone but we will expand to many more devices.


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    Review: iGiki Ultra Games

    So we’re naturally interested in the idea of developing games for the iPhone/iPod touch, and thus we were intrigued by the offerings of iGiki, “the world leader in iPhone and iPod touch games,” and particularly the Ultra Games Bundle II Interactive, which they say “includes over 40 premium games, software to create your own games, widgets, and extraordinary extras.” Wow! What a deal, huh?


    So we checked it out, and here’s how it went:


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    Making iPhone Webclip Icons

    So the first thing a new iPhone blog needs is a catchy icon for when a webclip of it is put on the Springboard, which no doubt anyone who reads this will be doing immediately. Thus, today let’s experiment with that process.

    We start out by selecting possible source graphic assets, namely these portraits of the Troll done (from life, naturally) by fantasy artist extraordinare Toren Atkinson back in the day before he got all professional:

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