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cocos2d A-Go-Go

So it was just about a year ago we did our last big survey of cocos2d resources, and look at that, we’re in the exact same position today of pawing through our mountain of collected links before we get around to reviewing a Packt book:


Check back soon Take a look here for our thoughts on that!

In the meantime, first off let’s take a look at how the various flavours mentioned a year ago have developed:

Other particularly notable developments:

Moving on to more ‘comprehensive’ as opposed to ‘notable’ listings, the tools scene in general has been getting more active; besides Level Helper and Sprite Helper mentioned above, things out there to help you are:

So has the tutorial scene:

Aaaaaand here’s a grab bag to finish up with of interesting techniques, projects, libraries, and snippets:

That should keep you busy reading for a while!


How To Build a Monkey Jump Game Using Cocos2D, PhysicsEditor & TexturePacker is by Andreas Loew the tools’ author.

Deformable terrain with Chipmunk.