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Font Notes

So in case you haven’t noticed, with 5.0 we’re up to 58, count ‘em, 58 built in font families on both iPhone and iPad. That site we mentioned last year is still up and running with pictures of all of them:

iOS Fonts – ‘A Place for Happy Typography’

Another handy reference detailing the 4.3 -> 5.0 changes can be found here:

New Fonts in iOS 5.0 – and Some Missing

If you’re looking to stand out a bit from the crowd, you might want to check out these people (h/t iOS Dev Weekly):

Mobile FontFonts. Build your app with better type.

… mobile fonts protect your brand and help set your app apart from the crowd. Optimized by hand for the iOS device screen, Mobile FontFonts enhance the user experience…

Not too sure what makes the iOS device screen overly different from any other, but hey whatever they’re doing there probably can’t hurt.

And for those of us who can’t really be bothered with paying for quality, might be worth a reminder that the sources of free fonts we mentioned way back when embedding custom fonts was, like, hard, are still all pretty much up and running; the big novelty since then is the Google Font API was released for those web folk, and to go with it a directory of open source fonts which has been chugging along nicely. As we’re sure you’ve heard, but just in case you have been under a rock the last year and a half, here’s some relevant links:

The Google Web Fonts Directory

The 10 best fonts from the Google Webfonts Directory

Download Google’s Web Fonts

Another newish site worth checking out:

Font Squirrel: “Only the best commercial-use free fonts”.

Any other particular font sources, free or paid (if they’re really awesome) that you fancy, Dear Readers?