Under the Bridge


So, if you’ve actually done — or tried to do — an iBooks-style page curl yourself for iOS 4, and you’re not an OpenGL whiz kid, you’ve probably figured that’s pretty tough stuff, yes? And the various open source options we’ve mentioned before … well, they’re not really comparable to the real thing are they.

But there’s a new one out that is most definitely worth a look:


A decent page curl transition for iOS.

Yes, the very soul of brevity in description indeed. But accurate!


Very nice looking yes? And multitalented, too:

Basically, XBPageCurl can be used in two different ways. It can be used to curl a view and show another view behind it where the user can interact with its elements and then uncurl the view back, pretty much like in the Google Maps app. It can also be used to flip pages like in iBooks, where the user can drag the border of a page and release to flip it or cancel the flip…

… It controls the cylinder of a XBCurlView instance so that the corner of the page will follow the user’s finger. It has a corresponding protocol that tells its delegate whether the user flipped to the next page, cancelled flipping to the next page, flipped to the previous page or cancelled flipping to the previous page.

Looks pretty sweet indeed. Uses OpenGL ES 2, so that leaves off first and second gen devices, but hey, it’s pretty much time for that anyways.

h/t: Cocoa Controls, ManiacDev!