Under the Bridge

Drawing Calendars

And as a followon to yesterday’s piece about drawing graphs, today let’s take a look at calendar drawing options. That’s another feature of the well regarded around here Tapku library, and there’s a very nice tutorial here on working with it:

Tapku Library: Displaying Calendar Markers on iPhone

If that doesn’t quite match your needs, you might also want to check out

Kal – a calendar component for the iPhone

This project aims to provide an open-source implementation of the month view in Apple’s mobile calendar app (MobileCal). When the user taps a day on the calendar, any associated data for that day will be displayed in a table view directly below the calendar…

h/t: ManiacDev!


Here’s another one to check out: Custom calendar view for iPhone

TimesSquare: a calendar view for iOS and Android apps

Open Source iOS Calendar Control Providing Monthly, Weekly, Yearly And Multi-Year Calendars