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Wolf3D+DOOM 2.1 Source Code

Source code is out for the latest versions of

What’s new in the update? Here’s the rundown…
Universal apps with iPad and Retina Display support
Revised user interface with a re-mastered HUD and all new menu art
Re-mastered sound from the original MIDI source files
Original cover art splash images
Locked 60 fps for Wolfenstein 3D Classic Platinum/Lite (improved framerate on all devices)
In App Purchase in Wolfenstein 3D Classic Lite to purchase the full game (Platinum Pack)
Wolfenstein 3D Classic Platinum/Lite now under the Apple 20MB download cap for 3G
Optimized for the iPad 2 (re-compiled under iOS 4.x with XCode 4.x)
Assorted bugfixes
Removed multiplayer support (currently broken due to iOS 3 and iOS 4 releases). MP will be re-released at a later date in a more robust fashion.

and you just know you’re going to find all sorts of helpful tips in there, don’t you now?

Wolfenstein 3D Platinum Source Code 2.1

DOOM Classic Source Code 2.1

  • anonydoggy

    noticed your questions online – did you ever figure out your ssl -9810 problem from:

  • http://www.alexcurylo.com Alex

    Not really; we just eventually decided that the Telus 3G network must be broken (it never appeared over wifi or other cell networks) and put in code to retry when that error appeared. Rarely did it appear on the first retry and I don’t think we’ve ever seen it happen on the second retry. So we declared victory and moved on.

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