Under the Bridge


So, Mac programmers, you stumbled across XPC yet? If not, here’s why you should:

XPC is a set of new APIs on 10.7 which “provides a low-level (libSystem) interprocess communication mechanism based on serialized property lists”. If you plan on doing networking in your Mac apps and still hope to distribute in on the App Store, you better learn this stuff pretty quickly. With the required sandboxing that’s coming soon for the Mac App Store, XPC is going to be necessary for your app to do anything “dangerous”…

And to help us out with that:

XPCKit is a Cocoa library for wrapping the XPC C APIs in a handy object-oriented model. It is merely meant as an object-oriented wrapper for the C library, and does not attempt to layer any additional semantics on top.”

Still a work in progress, but definitely worth keeping an eye on!