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Analytics – Localytics

Good article here to read about the various analytics options available for your iOS app:

Analytics For iOS Games

As it happens, this weekend we’re dropping analytics into the latest project, so this bit in particular caught our eye:

Localytics is a relative newcomer to the iOS analytics field, but it was love at first sight for me.

It has the same ease of integration of Flurry, and it provides very similar functionality. Localytics, however, is completely open source, so instead of a black box library, you get the source code and you can add it directly to your game. How much does it increase executable size? 4KB! You have to wonder what the other 496KB were for in the Flurry library…

Tiny and open source? Why yes, yes those sound like pretty compelling advantages. And the reporting appears just about as good as any other we’ve looked at too. So we went ahead and integrated it just now, and why yes it is just as easy as they claim, and the reports really do update every five minutes. So top marks all around to the Localytics folk for apparently delivering on all their promises. It’s so nice when that happens, isn’t it?

Now, there is a fairly significant cost involved here for all the bells and whistles: $95/month per app. There is a free option as well providing basic event tracking; not sure how the features there match up with Flurry or other free options — but hey that tiny + open source bit, that’s pretty well a decider for us!