Under the Bridge


Here’s some seriously nifty stuff that apparently we all overlooked when it first came out:

Custom OpenGL UIView transitions

Few days ago I found nice class which handles custom OpenGLUIView transitions. I would probably stick to it and use it, but unfortunately I didn’t like the lag before the animation starts and few details (not working on all orientations …). So I decided to rewrite it from scratch, make it as fast as possible, and maybe a little bit easier (if possible) to use.

I ended up with HMGLTransitions which you can download from here. The biggest difference between this and previously mentioned implementations is that I use singleton object which creates OpenGL context only once. This can drastically improve starting lag of animation. Also I don’t resample textures and use exact size. Next “big” thing is that all device orientations are supported. Now everything works nice and smooth…

Pretty good looking too – check out the video at the link!

h/t: iphonedevelopertips, maniacdev!