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Here’s another option to consider for your backend production needs: Parse!

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Once you get past the quite remarkably SEO-unfriendly name, there’s a pretty good collection of services there:

Data Storage

Our native SDKs for iPhone and Android provides a simple-to-use ORM for storing data to our platform. You code in Objective-C (for iOS) or Java (for Android), and our SDK will do all the hard work of sending and receiving data…

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a tricky endeavor for both the iOS and Android platforms. Parse simplifies push notifications…

User Management

With our user management system, you can quickly add user accounts to your app without having to code an full authentication system yourself … Facebook and Twitter account integration (coming soon!)

Looks like a nicely designed API judging by the documentation, so hopefully they’ll be able to find a sustainable pricing model to keep this one around for a while. But hey, if you’re a cutting edge kind of d00d(ette), sign up for the beta and let us know how it goes!


StackMob is another back end option that looks worth a gander too!

iOS Tutorial: Creating a chat room using Parse.com

Tutorial: How To Easily Build A Location Based Social Messaging App With Parse

How To Choose the Best Backend Provider for your iOS App: Parse vs Stackmob vs. Appcelerator Cloud and More!

  • http://Parse.com Tikhon

    Hey alex, thanks for the write-up. Tikhon from parse here. But our name isn’t that SEO unfriendly :-) . We’re the num 2 search result for “parse” and I’ve got a tiny bit of SEO experience from my days co-founding Scribd.com, a top 100 site online :-)

  • http://Parse.com Tikhon

    But loved your post, and thanks for writing it! Let us know if you have any feedback on parse or the new API. Thank you! We have a very simple reasonable pricing model in the works for large apps (small apps are free), but for now everything is free during the beta. Here’s a beta code you can use for your readers — ‘email’ no quotes. Thank you!

  • http://maniacdev.com Maniacdev

    Well, you’ve managed to beat out all the Red Hot Chili Paper lyric sites Alex and gotten to the front page with “Under the bridge” – so I think they can do it with parse and the Parse.com!

  • http://maniacdev.com Maniacdev

    Just saw my comment.. Red Hot Chili Paper?!

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