Under the Bridge


Now this looks like a massive timesaver if you’ve got a project with community-building in mind; the AppMakr folks are making the community layer of their platform open and free to everyone it seems:

Screen shot 2011-08-20 at 11.28.46 PM.png

Intriguing yes? So what is a “social layer SDK” exactly?

Socialize consists of six features:


When users click on an item, the bottom of the screen displays how many views that item has received. It’s validation for users, letting them they’re not alone in the app and making them feel rewarded for exploring something that many other people have too.


Your users can share the app’s content via email, to Facebook or to Twitter. It’s the power of viral: sharing across different media gives the content more exposure and connects the in-app world to the web and other social networks.


Comments tell other users that the content is valuable and worth starting a conversation about. To put it quite vainly, content looks better with comments. It makes the app look active, worthwhile and liked.


When users like an item, Socialize saves it as a favorite. The activity pane shows a list of likes, shares and comments. Users will then take note when one item has a steady stream of likes.

Activity Pane

With a quick flick of the finger, users access Socialize’s backbone: the activity pane. This view prioritizes user-generated content, listing what other users have shared, liked and commented on. It’s not just the app showing users what’s available—it’s other users telling them what to click on.


Profiles are a way users can stake a claim inside an app. It gives them a space to briefly say who they are, and this presence makes them feel more connected to the app.

Yes, that’s quite a bit of functionality, isn’t it? No doubt worth taking a look at if you’ve got an app that could benefit from a community, indeed. Signup page to get your API keys is here, documentation is here, SDKs for iOS and Android on github here.

And hey, if you’ve got a somewhat appropriate app already … you can make yourself three grand by implementing it! No, seriously, you can, they’re running a contest:

We are offering a $2,500 cash prize to the developer who can install the Socialize SDK in an iOS or Android app the fastest. If you win and your app is live in an app store by the end of the contest period, we’ll throw in an extra $500. That’s a total of $3,000. You could buy a pony with that kind of money.

Here are the ground rules:

Contest runs 8/1/11 until 11:59 p.m. PDT on 8/31/11

- You must screencast your desktop as you implement the Socialize SDK (we recommend iShowU or similar) and share the video link in the form below…

The current best time is 1:09 apparently, so hey there ought to be lots of room to beat that, yes?

h/t: @Hardip_Singh via @mariozullo!