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W3i Games Platform

So those W3i people we’ve previously mentioned as having a well worth reading freemium game design series, and a pay per install campaign worth looking into if that’s in your marketing plan (still; the $500 credit mentioned there has been extended on what appears to probably be a permanent basis) are seriously stepping up their engagement levels, it looks like:

W3i opens Games Platform beta for iOS developers

W3i continues to innovate in the mobile space by announcing availability in its Games Platform beta project. The project responds to some key challenges iOS games developers face when embarking in freemium game development.

Interviews with a number of games developers revealed common challenges with freemium game development include: server set-up, maintenance and security, the development of a storefront, and actionable analytics…

… So what are developers doing today to manage all of these challenges? Unfortunately, most are bearing the expense in dollars and resources by themselves and for the analytics, they are simply doing without. W3i can remove these burdens for developers that choose to participate in their beta program. In exchange for feedback on the system, these beta participants receive the service at no charge. To request access, … complete the form and a team member will contact you with details. The number of available openings is limited so act soon!

Screen shot 2011-08-17 at 10.12.07 PM.png

Looks interesting, and hey FREE is always a good price yes? If any of you give this a shot, be sure to let us know what you think!