Under the Bridge


Here’s another option for you if you’re looking for something in the 3D engine space beside the cross platform options we collected most lately a couple days ago, or the cocos3d extensions to cocos2d, or that Galaxy Engine thing we mentioned a while back; this one’s called NinevehGL and why yes, they look like they are aiming their target market directly at trolls:

The NinevehGL’s golden rule is:”Keep it simple!”

So we think if we can’t teach you a feature in 3 min, that feature is not good enough. Each video tutorial bellow is made of 3 min, there are 10 basic lessons to teach you. If you watch the videos and/or read the tutorials you will learn to construct almost anything with NinevehGL. Besides, there are some other advanced topics you can learn in the full documentation guide…

Yes, yes that sounds like a compelling reason to pay attention to them, indeed. Free, open source, Objective-C, and they’ve just entered open beta. Try it out and let us know what you think!

h/t: ManiacDev!

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