Under the Bridge

Sample Code: HelloMapKitWorld

Here’s another good project to mine for useful tidbits, courtesy of the good folk over at ManiacDev:


This source code is a sample of how to use MapKit. Nothing fancy, just some demo / sample code.

This is a simple application that downloads some locations from a remote JSON file, parses them, inserts them into a Core Data database and then displays them on the map…

Uses ASIHTTPRequest and JSONKit and MBProgressHUD which are all widely agreed to be best of breed at their respective tasks, so a project that blends them all is definitely worth taking a look through!


Also note some other MapKit helpers:

iOS Map Kit For Beginners Guide

Library To Quickly Turn A Map Kit MapView Into A 3D Augmented Reality Map View

Library For Easy iOS Map Kit Annotations With Multiple Individual Selectable Rows

JBDaylightOverlay for iOS