Under the Bridge

$500 Ad Credit

Remember that pretty darn good collection of freemium game design posts we linked to a while back? Well, the people those came from are into the pay per install business, and if we were going to do some real advertising that’s how we figure we’d do it and we’d probably be inclined to pick them first, writing good articles and all.

If that’s in line with your thinking, you might appreciate this latest offer from them:

Need users to try your cool app?

Looking for a cost effective way to get more installs?

W3i Mobile provides the traffic and installs, you provide the great iOS app.

Getting started is simple:

1. Determine goals. Plan your campaign.

2. Integrate W3i’s API or SDK for a pay-per-install campaign or use a simple, no-integration cost-per-click campaign.

3. Grow your mobile business!

Just create any iOS campaign whether for an existing app or a new launch to take advantage of the W3i $500 Free Ad Credit*. This offer will end June 30, 2011 so activate today.

Email Debby at Deborah.manthei [at] W3i [dot] com

to get started today or click here.

If you try it — terms and conditions here — let us know how that works out for you!