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Moai SDK

The good folk over at ManiacDev have a pointer to a new cross-platform SDK coming out — Moai “The mobile platform for pro game developers”:

The open source Moai SDK enables game developers to focus on great gameplay and content, code in the easy-to-use Lua scripting language they already know, use ready-to-roll libraries for animation and physics, and avoid rewriting game code for different devices…

Now, what makes this one better than the also Lua-based Corona SDK which at first glance seems aimed at about the same space and is rather popular? The big one seems to be this “Moai Cloud” bit:

Ready-to-scale cloud service for Lua game logic, databases and additional game content. Offer unlockable game content, store persistent player and world state, and write multiplayer logic in the scripting language you’re already using…

That does look like something pretty nifty actually. And hey, the pricing sounds right:

There are game engines aimed at huge studios that cost a million bucks. Others that cost a few thousand. Some for aspiring indie game makers that are nearly free – but any games that succeed will have to pay fat royalty percentages. None of these models seem right to us. That’s why developers can build games with Moai SDK for free, release them for free, and even those who score big hits won’t owe royalties based on their use of the Moai SDK…

Presumably they’re banking on making a buck off the cloud services then. In any case, this certainly does look like an interesting new option to keep tabs on for your game development! Sign up for the beta here; or just check out the introductions here.

  • http://getmoai.com Todd Hooper (@toddhooper)

    Thanks for the post Alex, and your interest in Moai. The beta will be opening up wide in the next couple of weeks.

  • http://twitter.com/toddhooper Todd Hooper

    Alex, I wanted to point out that Moai 1.0 shipped last week…thanks!

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