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Background Movie Audio

Well, this is kinda well timed; just a couple weeks ago we had a request to loop audio from a movie in the background in an iOS product. And we told them “nope, can’t do that.” Turns out Matt Gallagher promptly puts an article up on, well, doing that:

Background audio through an iOS movie player

Background audio in iOS is supposed to be as simple as entering a setting in your Info.plist and making sure your kAudioSessionProperty_AudioCategory is appropriate. This ...

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So if you’ve been reading us for a while you may recall our gushing endorsement of CrashReportSender, and why yes it’s been working quite nicely for us, handy piece of kit indeed it is; but we see that it has apparently been superseded:

Introducing QuincyKit: a rewrite of CrashReporterDemo, live crash management for iOS and Mac – AppStore ready!

Well then. Still uses PLCrashReporter, the user UI looks about the same … hmmm, actually, there doesn’t really seem ...

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AirPrint Emulation

So we’ve got a feature request to implement AirPrint here, but we’re not terribly interested in bothering to pick up any of the HP printers listed there as supporting it as we’ve already got a couple printers from Brother here that serve all our printing needs quite admirably. However, it seems that there’s this “Printopia” Mac app that ought to take care of emulating AirPrint availability nicely:


Any ...

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The Great Location Debate

So we weren’t really planning to bother weighing in on The Great Location Debate, since although the app and its code to show where you’ve been are mildly interesting they’re not likely to be of any great future use, and really we see a conversation with any of the concerned Chicken Littles going like this:

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Tip: Low Memory Warnings

Hey, here’s a handy tip for scheduling low memory warnings for your debugging pleasure: use AppleScript!


I wanted to share a tool that I use in as part of checking an app for behaving correctly under low memory warnings, to the extent that is possible to do so using the Simulator. It’s an Applescript that just sends a low memory warning to the simulator every second or so, so you can go through every function of ...

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So one of these days we’ll get around to taking a look at this “Tweetbot” thingy that’s got everyone all excited, but in the meantime, apparently there is at least one nicely done bit of UI that you can get your own implementation of here:

iOS Code: TweetBot like AlertPanels

TweetBot is sexy, no one can deny it. One of the coolest aspect of TweetBot is the unobtrusive panels that show what is happening on the app … ...

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Here’s a commercial library that’ll save you some time if you need it:

Superpin is a drop-in replacement for MKMapView that automatically clusters annotation views.

  • Blazingly fast: handles up to 50.000 annotations at once in milliseconds
  • Easy to use: Drop a single .framework into your project, change MKMapView to SPMapView and you’re good to go!
  • Comes with source-code and extensive documentation

Yep, that could be handy. The demo project of all the world’s airports shows it off nicely:

Property printing

Hey, here’s a handy snippet:

Objective-C Quickie : Printing all declared properties of an object

Here’s some quick code that will print the values of all declared properties of an object using some of the introspection features of the runtime … As you can see, I’m using this so that NSLog will give me something meaningful by overriding the description method of NSObject…

Yes, using that will save a good bit of time compared to the rather annoying process of constructing a ...

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Want an example of how to write a custom UIGestureRecognizer? Or do you need specifically “a custom UIGestureRecognizer for doing one finger rotations in iOS apps”? Well:

KTOneFingerRotationGestureRecognizer on github

KTOneFingerRotationGestureRecognizer is a custom UIGestureRecognizer for doing one finger rotations in iOS apps.

There you go!

h/t: @kirbyt!

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Autograph Library

So you got an application you need to capture actual signatures for? Release form, shipping delivery, that kind of thing? Well, here’s a licensable library to make that easy:

Ten One Design Autograph iOS Library

  • Simple integration with any UIView, or just call the built-in modal view.
  • Customizable stroke color and width, and signature size.
  • Advanced stroke smoothing for accurate signatures.
  • Velocity sensitive stroke width for biometric verification.
  • Customizable message. Show your customers what they’re signing for.
  • Three-finger swipe to undo/redo strokes.
  • Optional inclusion of date.
  • Optional unique ...
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