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Animated Water

Now this is some really serious niftiness in low overhead cool graphics effects — how to animate infinite water with one 300×300 texture:

The Cool Effect that No-one Noticed

… I painted a set of 4×4 ocean tiles that were tileable spatially (from one tile to any other tile), and temporally (through the horizontally adjacent neighbours). This allowed me to create a 3D ocean grid with a random texture tile in each grid cell. Each cell was then animated forwards in time from its starting frame. All tiles were guaranteed to match up with all neighbouring cells due to the arbitrary tiling nature of the texture…

Woah. There’s no way we’d even try to design a texture like that, trolls not being artists in approximately the same sense in which a fish is not a bird. Luckily, we don’t have to, as the good folks who came up with it freely sharing the texture in question:


Check out the link above for a video showing the in-game effect — no, seriously, go check it out, it’s really quite striking — and a visual explanation of how to set up the grid to display it. Cool effect, indeed!