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cocos2d Linkapalooza

So it’s been a while since we made our last collection post of cocos2d goodies, just a few particularly interesting notes since; so this is a good time for another one of those. Particularly as we’ve just starting reading this new book on cocos2d development,

Cocos2D For iPhone Beginner's Guide.jpg

which the obviously brilliantly discerning folk at Packt have provided a review copy of in return for sharing our thoughts on it with you all, Dear Readers, which we’ll post in a few days no doubt you can read here.

In the meantime, here’s a jumble of links we’ve noted since that last collection:

Ray Wenderlich, of course, has posted more of those brilliant tutorials of his:

How To Drag and Drop Sprites with Cocos2D

How To Create A Mole Whacking Game with Cocos2D: Part 1/2 and Part 2/2

Steffen Itterheim has a starter Xcode project up on github that looks rather more fleshed out than the standard templates.

Miscellaneous interesting-looking tips and samples:

Infinite scrolling background with Cocos2D

Cocos2d Sprite Swipe Angles

Cocos2d Cool Gallery [allows users to scroll between data read from a plist]

Cocos2d Box2d Car

Cocos2D Sliding Menu Grid

AWTextureFilter implemented in cocos2d [blur/shadow effects]

Making it rain in Cocos2d

RPG-like text box with Cocos2D

Reusable Particles and cocos2d

Create a Looping and Scrolling Menu in Cocos2D

iPhone platform game, how to create tiled maps and How the monsters are added in a game

Creating a Slider Control in cocos2d (discussion)

Game Kit Data Send/Receive Demo Project

Another Cocos2D gem: ClippingNode

Cocos2D and Hexagons

Spice up your game with Particle Effects

Page Scrolling CCLayer like UIScrollView

A SpaceManager Game [want to clone Angry Birds?]

Sure to be something for you in there! And to finish up, did you know how many versions of cocos2d are out there?

cocos2d: The Mac/Windows/Linux Python project that started it all

cocos2d-iphone: The project generally referred to simply as ‘cocos2d’ in the iOS world; increasingly inaccurately named as it’s added support for iPad and lately Mac OS X as well

ShinyCocos: Ruby wrapper for iOS

CocosNet: C# port for MonoTouch and potentially other .NET platforms

cocos2d-win: Intended Windows port, appears DOA

cocos2d-android / cocos2d-android-1 (more recently active fork): Java port to Android

cocos2d-javascript: HTML5 port to the Web

cocos2d-x: C++ port to iOS, Android, Win32, uPhone

Certainly be interesting to see development of all these branches shake out!