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AdsReloaded Giveaway

So you remember back a bit we talked about the latest wild wooly frontier in marketing, directly paying users to install your app? Well, if that interested you, has Matt Sencenbaugh the CEO at AdsReloaded got a deal for you:

I would like to offer developers a free $5 dollar credit or campaign on AdsReloaded in exchange for feedback on what works, what doesn’t, and what they wish the service had. I really am trying to find a good market fit for what developers need. The $5 can be used as a stand-alone campaign or can be used as a credit toward purchasing a bigger campaign. Since the company is small I can’t promise to deliver big download numbers at all, but hey it’s a free $5.

If its a free app this $5 will get them 50 downloads. A campaign does require a small code snippet integration, and an update being approved; although the integration with the AdsReloaded framework usually only takes about 5 minutes.

Yesirree, Dear Readers; not only do you get delivered a never-ending cornucopia of development esoterica through your laudable choice of blog pursuance, now you’re getting FREE! MONEY! Woo-woo-woo-hoo!

The integration is pretty much as simple as simple gets,

… the framework is attached:

  1. Unzip
  2. Drag the folder “AdsReloaded.framework” into Xcode under Frameworks.
  3. Be sure to select “copy to destination folder”.
  4. #import <AdsReloaded/AdsReloaded.h> to your appDelegate
  5. Add the following line of code to the top of -applicationDidFinishLaunching:

[AdsReloaded registerDownload];

and we see from the credits that it was written by Oliver Drobnik, so you can be fairly complacent about the quality of product you’re letting into your codebase, we trust.

If you’re still wondering why on earth you’d even consider this whole pay to install thing for your marketing campaign, there are a few good points in its favor:

- A big problem with the freebie promotions is that free rankings aren’t transferable to paid rankings, and we get the impression that the vast majority of people see their paid rankings hardly move at all after these promotions. If you’re kicking back on paid installs, hey at least they’re pushing you up the paid charts.

- Unlike most other forms of advertising, you’re not paying for anything except results. You know exactly what your cost of acquisition is going to be going in, and you can limit it to exactly the number of acquisitions you’re willing to pay for. Particularly you poor suckers who tried out iAds for Developers, that sounds like a compelling advantage, doesn’t it now? (No, we’re not speaking from experience here, but not having heard of one single person who found them a good investment, generalization seems warranted. Feel free to correct us if they worked for you!)

- And while it’s still free to the user, or actually being paid in the case of free apps, observed user behaviour so far indicates, according to Messr. Matt, that they are actually rather discriminating in the apps they choose to download as opposed to chowing down on everything available. This, he posits, will avoid the ratings hit effect which is the bane of free apps. We’re mildly skeptical on that one, but hey could be.

So overall, if you do have a marketing budget you’re trying to figure out something effective to do with — and if you don’t, hey now you have one, it’s $5! — this pay to install them does sound worth an experiment, we’d say. The signup page is here, let us know how it works out for you!