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This looks like a handy bit of work:

HJCache: iPhone cache library for asynchronous image loading and caching

HJCache is an iOS library that makes it very easy to asynchronously load images from URLs, display them in smooth scrolling tables, and cache the images in file storage. Think about any app that loads lots of images over the net and displays them as you use the app: eg scrolling through a list of tweets or facebook posts; swiping through a photo album from a remote server. For apps like that you want the images to load asynchronously in the background so that a slow network connection doesn’t make the UI freeze…

Yep, you’ve probably done that in an app or dozen, certainly we have, but this looks like a quite well fleshed out implementation — it works with data other than images, for instance — which we’ll try out the next time the problem comes up. Source is on github, check it out!

h/t: @markjnet!


And here’s another option from Foursquare for this kind of thing:

“A highly opinionated image loader and cache optimized for UITableView scrolling performance.”

h/t: @joe_carney!