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Cartographer App Test

Well, happy New Year, Dear Readers; we’ve been out walkies for a bit — see if you can guess whereabouts from this example:


And if you can’t guess, why you can see almost the same exact picture taken just a little further back on the Wikipedia page for this country’s flag. Without the finger. Accomplished photographers, trolls are not.

Regular blogging should resume shortishly once we get on top of all the accumulated panics, we trust, but in the meantime we have a completely heartfelt recommendation for you; if you’re traveling anywhere that data access is unavailable or ridiculously expensive, you really REALLY want to have on your iPhone the Cartographer app. Check out this shot off Puerto Lempira coming up to the Honduras/Nicaragua border:


Yes, there’s no service, as we’re on a boat here, but through the magic of OpenStreetMap downloads we’ve got mapping at all resolutions down to street level available nevertheless. And having tested it from Belize and Honduras through Costa Rica down to Bonaire and Colombia and other Central/South American bits and pieces, we can assure you that we found the mapping complete, accurate, and incredibly useful — didn’t pull out a paper map once all trip, actually. First time that’s ever happened!

There’s all sorts of other features too, sharing and notetaking and Google Maps and blahblahblah, but simply having street maps available and dropping placemarks so we can find our way back to the bus station or whatever when we’re in a data-less environment which pretty large bits of Central America are, that’s plenty enough by itself for Cartographer to take way out in front first place on our Must Have Travel Apps list. So we recommend heartily you get it, and go vote for it in the Best App Ever awards too!