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State of the App Store

Here’s some interesting information for you:

The State of the iOS App Store [INFOGRAPHIC]

Splits up available apps by price, category, platform, etc.

Particularly intriguing was this data point:

“Number of unique developers: 62,126″

Presumably they mean “the number of developer accounts offering apps for download”. But how many is that, actually? Take us, for instance, personally we’re the only developer behind all the apps in one, two, three … twelve different accounts total it looks like. So if everyone was like us, there’s less than 5,200 actual iOS programmers out there. However, no doubt our ratio of 1/12th of a programmer per developer account — and counting!! — is on the unusual side. Probably a good number of those other 62,114 accounts have multiple programmers, in fact. So one does wonder what the actual number of active iOS programmers out there is. How about all of you? How many different client developer accounts are you responsible for?

h/t: @justinlbaker!

  • http://dylan.beadle.name/ Dylan Beadle

    I’ve developed several apps for 3 different clients under their accounts and over 350 apps on 2 other work-related accounts: 5 (not counting collaboration on some other apps/accounts). But, per Apple’s request (they want apps under the clients’ accounts), we’ll be responsible for a lot more client developer accounts going forward…

    Very difficult to estimate number of iOS developers though… My attempt at a logical guess based on the (totally made-up) assumption that it takes 2-3 months average to create an app would lead to around 23k-35k developers (350k apps over 30 months on App Store).

  • Andy

    I’ve have had apps for about a half-dozen distinct clients, and have been the sole developer for the majority of those.