Under the Bridge


If you have any involvement with Amazon Web Services stuff, you’ll probably find this of interest:

New AWS SDKs for Mobile Development (Android and iOS)

The AWS SDK for Android and the AWS SDK for iOS provide developers with access to storage (Amazon S3), database (Amazon SimpleDB), and messaging facilities (Amazon SQS and Amazon SNS). Both SDKs are lean and mean to allow you to make the most of the limited memory found on a mobile device. The libraries take care of a number of low-level concerns such as authentication, retrying of requests, and error handling.

Both of the SDKs include libraries, full documentation and some sample code. Both of the libraries are available in source form on GitHub (iOS and Android) and we will be more than happy to accept external contributions.

In order to allow code running on the mobile device to make calls directly to AWS, we’ve also outlined a number of ways to store and protect the AWS credentials needed to make the calls in our new Credential Management in Mobile Applications document…

Haven’t done anything with AWS ourselves yet, but no doubt this will be handy if we ever do; if you do some work with this fun stuff, be sure to let us know how it goes for you!

h/t: @joe_carney!