Under the Bridge

Page Curls

Want your iPad reader app to have a page curl flipping interface like iBooks, but aren’t quite masochistic enough to guarantee rejection by using private APIs? Well, here’s a project for you, Leaves:

… Leaves is an simple way to present a page-turning interface similar to Apple’s iBooks. It comprises two classes, LeavesView and LeavesViewController, and occupies less than 100 kB compiled. It uses only public APIs, sacrificing a portion of iBooks’ visual flair to ensure that your application is safe for submission to the App Store…

It’s not that easily confusable with iBooks, but hey it’s kinda the same idea. Also check out the twopages branch described here.

Or, if you really want to get into your page flipping, you could take a look at these:

Implementing iBooks page curling using a conical deformation algorithm

The anatomy of a page curl

although anything that needs explanation with diagrams like this …


… yeah, that’s a good bit more hardcore than we are about our page curls. But hey, if you need to know, there you go!

h/t: cocoa-unbound!