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This looks like something to keep an eye on for your mobile HTML development plans: From the folks we noted in passing have the mildly interesting looking Sencha Touch HTML5 mobile framework, there’s now a very interesting looking tool preview available,

Introducing Sencha Animator: The CSS3 Alternative to Flash

Today we’re thrilled to announce the developer preview release of Sencha Animator, a new GUI-based desktop application that enables interactive designers to easily create rich media animations for HTML5-capable devices. With Apple’s decision to exclude Flash from their iOS, interactive designers have been searching for a way to bring the power of web animation to iOS devices without hand-coding hundreds, if not thousands of lines of CSS3. Well, the search is over. Check out our demos, then download Sencha Animator and give it a whirl…

Sencha Animator allows you simply place objects (text, shapes, and images) onto a re-sizable stage area, configure their properties and then animate to bring them to life. You can move, scale, skew and rotate objects singly or at various levels of nesting, in 2D or 3D space. With Sencha Animator, you can also take advantage of CSS3 capabilities like gradients, blurs, reflections and shadows. You can create basic animations quickly and easily. But Animator is also designed to be a CSS3 power-tool. So when you need to add HTML or custom CSS, it’s easy to do that too. Best of all, Sencha Animator outputs pure CSS3 animation code, so it’s hardware accelerated on Apple iOS, which creates incredibly smooth animations…

Mobile designers and developers should be particularly thrilled since CSS3 animations are the only animation technology that works on the major mobile platforms- iOS, Android and Blackberry OS6. (Android lacks SVG and the BlackBerry Torch is not high powered enough to run Canvas)…

Yes, coupled with something like the PhoneGap or Titanium frameworks, this could be quite interesting indeed for your cross-platform deployments looks like, doesn’t it now?

h/t: @shashivelur!


May 2011 brings us Sencha Animator Beta 1!

Forget Flash, Skip GIF, Control iOS: Phosphor is an interesting alternative to HTML5 video.

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