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Galaxy Engine

If you’re planning on doing a 3D game for the Mac, iPhone, or iPad, and like us you have a predilection for using open source frameworks where possible, the Galaxy Engine sure looks like something you should review seriously:

Galaxy Engine is a complete game development package for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. It is programmed in Cocoa and uses the OpenGL, OpenGL ES, and OpenAL libraries to give you a powerful core with direct access to iPhone SDK features such as Game Center. Galaxy Engine is designed with indie developers in mind. Which means that it is designed to be as efficient and flexible as possible. It also is one of the only Open Source game engines to include critical tools for game development such as: Level Editor, Terrain Editor, Model Viewer, Particle Editor, and Shader IDE. It also includes features such as: vertex animation, advanced lighting, dynamic shadows, vertex and pixel shaders, normal mapping, parallax mapping, and massive outdoor environments.

Wow! Quite the package, there. And nicely suited to the Cocoa-centric:

Intuitive complete object orientated Objective-C framework designed in the same style as Cocoa allows you to quickly write your game with a relatively small learning curve compared to other C++ based systems. Galaxy engine is extremely flexible and not based on a specific game type which allows you start on your game no matter what it is on day one. Comprehensive source code allows you to confidently configure, edit, and expand the engine right out of the box. Extensive documentation allows you to quickly understand how classes work and how you can use them. Proven stability used in several commercial products from iPhone games to space shuttle simulation software…

We tried out the template project, and aside from having to compile the library instead of it being included in the template as the documentation lies about, it installed and ran without incident, so apparently all this is for real. They don’t seem to mention anywhere what the commercial iPhone games referred to above are though, so if anyone knows what they are let us know so we can check it out in action, please!

h/t: ManiacDev!

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    It’s a BSD license, so you can do whatever you want with the source, even using it in commercial project: you just need to credits the original authors.

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