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cocos2d + Lua

So you might have heard of the iPhone Wax project or the Corona cross-platform SDK (or if you’re old school, you might remember way back when it was still called “Ansca”) to be able to write your entire app in Lua … but what if you just want to embed an interpreter into your project to help out? Like for a game? A cocos2d game, in particular? With design goals like

The goals of mcLua are:

1) Efficient execution ...

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cocos2d: Verlet Rope

Here’s a nifty piece of physics for your cocos2d + Box2D project:

Verlet Rope

In this brief article we’ll be taking a look at an efficient way of creating ropes in our cocos2d games that use box2d, starting from a cocos2s+box2d template project.

We will be using box2d’s latest addition, the b2RopeJoint to constrict two bodies with a rope joint (a maximum distance joint, one might also call it), so as always big thanks to Erin Catto for all his hard work ...

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BallZOut: Now on appbackr!

So no doubt you remember ten days ago our Ludum Dare October Challenge entry BallZOut went live, and that was rather satisfying and everyone has been very complimentary thank you, but as an investment … well, not the greatest idea. Week and a half later, a total of 101 sales and down to trace daily levels; still just hanging on to the charts in the Puzzle category as of this morning with yesterday’s single sale amazingly enough,

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World Generation

Here’s an interesting article on generating a world map for your next great roguelike, or whatever:

World Generation Breakdown

A large part of Dance of Death v0.6.136 was the addition of world generation. Although the world is little more than a large island at the moment, the results are rather satisfying, even considering that the current method of generating terrain is purely based on elevation. After experimenting with a number of techniques, I settled on this simple formula: 1) Generate ...

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Tip: Release Times

Ever wonder exactly when your launch goes live in the 90 App Stores around the globe? Why yes, there is an Excel spreadsheet for that:

Track Your AppStore Launch Across the Globe

Now you know!

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OpenGL ES Stuff

Jeff Lamarche has started a repository for OpenGL ES goodies:

I’ve created a new public project on GitHub for classes, scripts, and projects related to OpenGL ES programming on the iPhone. I’ll be slowly consolidating all of my OpenGL ES code snippets, utilities, and sample projects except for the particle generator (which has its own repository) into this location.

Right now, all it has is:

Blender export script for Objective-C for Blender 2.49a

Blender export script for Objective-C for Blender 2.5+

My old ...

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Traffic Sniffing

Here’s a handy walkthrough on how to easily examine — and mess with on the fly! — what’s going on with your app’s networking:

Sniff Your iPhone’s Network Traffic

Ever wanted (or needed) to see your iPhone’s network traffic? All you need is a wireless LAN and the cross-platform proxy application, Paros. There are other proxy servers that can be used, but Paros was built for web application security assessments, so it provides an intimate hook into the HTTP request/response ...

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Game UI: libRocket

Here’s an interesting option for your cross-platform game interface design needs — libRocket:

libRocket uses the time-tested open standards XHTML1.0 and CSS2.0 (while borrowing features from HTML5 and CSS3), and extends them with features suited towards real-time applications. Because of this, you don’t have to learn a whole new proprietary technology like other packages in this middleware space…

Claims to be compatible with, well, everything pretty much:

  • Cross platform architecture (Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, …)
  • Abstracted interfaces for plugging in to any game ...
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appbackr Challenge

So you might recall several months ago we mentioned this appbackr place that was generating some buzz as a way to crowdsource your iDevice app development funding. Well, it opened to the public this week, and they have an appbackr Challenge for us all:

  1. Submit an app on appbackr
  2. Promote your app through appbackr
  3. Reach $1,000 dollars in sales before November 22nd
  4. Win $500 extra backing (everyone) and an iPad (top 5 sellers)!

Hah! What, we ask you, could possibly be more ...

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BallZOut: The First Day

So let’s check the iTunes Connect reports and see what happened the first full day BallZOut was available, with our total “marketing” having been cross-posting to Ludum Dare, a tools post in the cocos2d forums, and a Touch Arcade post

… well look at that, 48 sales for $32.51 income! Woo-hoo! October Challenge WIN! *does the happy troll dance* We’d thank you all by name, but you know who you are. Okay, we’ll thank Pat ...

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