Under the Bridge

Button Design: AppControls

So we’ve mentioned before several options for bringing the shiny to your app’s buttons; well, if you really want to get your button look just so, here’s the tool for you: AppControls!

  • Creates buttons and other application controls with pixel-perfect precision
  • Automatically renders high-resolution “@2x” images for use with the iPhone 4
  • Creates color gradients with up to 8 color-stops
  • Text content is accurately rendered and can include an optional shadow
  • Designs can be saved as a single image, 3-part image or 9-part image for automatic scaling
  • CSS output can be generated for use in an external file or as an inline style element
  • Generates custom CSS for WebKit and Mozilla
  • Designs can be saved as Presets
  • Up to 3 Presets can be combined in a single file for use as a “rollover” image for the web

Yep, that gives you pretty much all the customization you could wish for in a standardish looking button, and it’s particularly convenient to have it export CSS along with the images so your app and its website can have a unified look. At $29.90 we’d have to be rather more serious about the look of our buttons than we happen to be at the moment to actually buy it, but hey, it’s always nice to have options!