Tip: GAE Local Testing

So you’re about to test that web service for your iPhone app you’ve dashed off in Google App Engine because it’s so cool, and — DOH! — this app doesn’t run in the Simulator, so Google App Engine Launcher’s default publishing on localhost isn’t going to work. What to do? What to do?

Well, turns out it’s really easy:

Locally testing a Google App Engine iPhone/Android web app

… In order to make your GAE web app accessible on your local network, configure the launcher to use the address instead of localhost. To do this, open the GoogleAppEngineLauncher, go to Application Settings for your app, add the following to the Extra Flags section “-a″, and restart. You will now be able to test your web app on an any device logged into your local network.


… and if your network setup is such that the iDevice isn’t considered “local”, then putting in your machine’s real IP works a treat. For other handy things to put in that flags field, check out

Google App Engine Launcher Options

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