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More Core Text

Seems like there’s stuff on Core Text popping up all over these days! Besides the wrapper we mentioned earlier, here’s a couple more most excellent tutorials for your perusal:

Custom Fonts on the iPad and iOS 4

… Sometimes we just want to use our own custom font or italicize one word in a label. There is a solution for the rest of us: CATextLayer. Like its counterparts in the Core Animation framework, CATextLayer allows us to take advantage of a complex API (Core Text in this case) without much effort.

We will cover a simple use of CATextLayer this time: displaying a custom font. As always, I have added more code to my CA360 project. Check it out on github to follow along…

and also:

Low-level text rendering

has a walkthrough of using Core Graphics and Core Text to be drawing text the hard way, if you feel like adding some funky effects or whatever!

h/t: ManiacDev! (Two days in a row, no less!)