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UX Design: Tapworthy Webcast

If you’ve got nothing pressing tomorrow 10 AM PT, here’s a webcast that would be a good use of that time slot:

Tapworthy: Designing iPhone Interfaces for Delight and Usability

It’s by the author of the eponymous O’Reilly book,

which if you design iPhone apps, and you haven’t read, you should click above and order right now.

Or, if you want just a little more background on why it’s worth reading, check out these excerpted 10 tips:

… Tapworthy is a different kind of iPhone book. It’s not a code book and not a marketing tome; instead, it describes how to “think iPhone,” examining how the device’s ergonomics, psychology, and culture affect design considerations. That means it’s not (only) for geeks but for everyone involved in the design process, including developers, managers, marketers, and clients.

Chapters six and seven of Tapworthy review how to craft a unique visual identity and how to introduce your app to users. From those chapters, I’ve distilled ten tips for doing just that…

Yes, good advice backed up with multitudinous real examples; quite thoroughly worth your time to read, and no doubt to listen to tomorrow’s webcast as well.

And we noticed grabbing the Amazon link for Tapworthy that there’s another iPhone UX design book out now;

Haven’t had a chance to look into that one yet, but hey the reviews (all four) are uniformly five-star, so if you’re in a really book-shopping mood grab that one too and let us know if it’s worth reading!

h/t: @Dylan_Beadle!


You can check out the recording on YouTube, or if you’re into whatever “Adobe Connect Pro” is, here’s the link for that.