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Dynamic Background Music

Here’s a good one for you if you’re as musically challenged as trolls are; ever wonder how to

Give Your Game Dynamic Background Music

with nothing but GarageBand? Well, that’s the handholding walkthrough for you!

Remember the underwater scene in the Sonic game where the music becomes dramatic as Sonic starts to drown? Sorry to bring up those anxiety memories, but that is a great example of dynamic background music. I’m going to show you how to add seamless mood changing music that follows the action in your game…

Steps you through how to set up the music in GarageBand then export it in segments that can be overlapped seamlessly with the CocosDenshion engine, shipped with cocos2d. Pretty straightforward actually, once someone shows you how.

Not that we’d actually trust our composing, mind you; but why bother, when has GarageBand tracks available for you to download, and NIN is just about the flavour we’d want for our soundtracks anyways!