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SIO2 Commercial Source

So we haven’t actually got around to doing any 3D iPhone projects yet, but we understand that SIO2 is fairly well regarded in the free open source end of that pool: and if you’ve been thinking of maybe picking that up, there’s for sale to go with it a whole whack of

iPhone Game Source Code Packages

which cover a pretty solid set of different tasks you might wish to perform. And if you’d rather sell instead of buy your source, well the store’s for that too!

Don’t make enough money with your iPhone Games on the App. Store?

Don’t let months or weeks of work go to waste! Register as a Publisher on the SIO2 STORE and instantly reach thousands of iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Game Developers who can benefit from your knowledge!

For iPhone Game Developers the SIO2 STORE is a all-in-one solution to find iPhone Game Source Code, code snippets and other iPhone Game related materials. Don’t re-invent the wheel! Simply borrow it from someone else, and that’s where the SIO2 STORE kicks in for developers!

Well, that certainly looks like a good reason to pick SIO2 for one’s 3D engine needs; but if any of you, Dear Readers, have actual experience writing iDevice 3D stuff and have some recommendations, please make them!

h/t: @gaminghorror!