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Video Mirroring

So if you’d like to add video mirroring to your iOS app — as opposed to video out, as referenced here — for presentations or whatnot, it’s actually possible now in an App Store friendly fashion!

… this is a fire-and-forget solution to mirroring the display of your iOS device (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad) on an external display. The new version uses public APIs, so it can be used in apps published on the App Store. It supports detecting cabling (plugging and unplugging the display), orientation changes, and even offers a “tv safe mode” for displaying your app on an older analog video device…

The main caveat appears to be that it works only with iPads and iPhone 4s, with which Apple’s allegedly iPad-only VGA connector cable reputedly works fine.

Also note the hot tip for debugging via USB whilst having a device connected:

… I found a reference to the Kensington K33368 “4-in-1 Car Charger,” which is a USB cable that includes a full pass-through dock connector, intended for an FM tuner. I guessed that they’d have wired all of the pins, and it would allow me to plug a second dock cable into the first. These are no longer manufactured, but a few online stores still had stock. I ended up buying one from a seller on eBay. It turned out to work perfectly. I plugged the Kensington cable into my Mac, and the RCA video out or VGA cable into the Kensington cable, and was able to debug away…

Might want to pick up one of those while you can, just in case!

h/t: ManiacDev!