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Core Text Wrapper

Got around to doing much with Core Text yet? Yeah, us neither. But if you are, this looks like a good start:

Core Text Objective-C Wrapper

… Strings drawn with Core Text feature lots of custom settings such as detailed font information, columns, variable line and paragraph heights and several different attributes, which designers and font aficionados surely understand much better than I do…

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

… One of the most interesting capabilities of Core Text is being able to render text in several columns. However, Core Test is a C-based framework, and I think that understanding and using the concepts and structures required to render text in columns can be particularly tricky. To make the my life and that of my fellow developers easier, I’ve created a small set of Objective-C classes that encapsulate the creation of framesetters, attributed strings and other constructions, and takes care of the creation of several columns, as well as the division of the text in several pages if required…

Well, that certainly does sound handy, doesn’t it now? If that’s something you might use, check out CoreTextWrapper on github!