Under the Bridge


So, looks like there’s a new App Store alternative around these days: OpenAppMkt! Basically they’re doing their best to replicate the App Store experience with HTML5 apps; and they seem to be getting a little bit of traction. As well as a good deal of frenzied yammering about “loopholes” and the like, from people whose memories apparently are not good enough to extend back to 2007 when we were all being told that HTML5 would be the only way to write iPhone applications. My, my, how things do change.

But, as we’ve pointed out before, Apple has continually improved the HTML app capabilities and development experience right along with SDK development; it’s just that people almost completely ignore that alternative … even when an HTML app makes scads more sense for what they have in mind. As well as being potentially cross-platform and all, especially as WebKit-based browsers continue their apparently inexorable march towards complete dominance of the mobile landscape.

But the thing that actually intrigued us whilst reading around on OpenAppMkt is that although several commentators have mentioned that Apple has their own web app directory, absolutely not a single piece we read seemed to have any idea of the existence of the first HTML app marketplace, that we posted about pretty much exactly a year ago; Hottrix and their Premier App Shop,

Screen shot 2010-08-21 at 10.34.35 PM.png

another genre-specific shop that blushing modesty bars us from mentioning, and Your App Shop for creating your own store.

Why that initiative hasn’t, in a year, seemed to go anyplace in particular and OpenAppMkt seems to have pretty solid interest out of the gate rather escapes us. Maybe the timing was wrong before, maybe the technology is better now (although the Premier App Shop webapp actually seems like the superior user experience to us) or maybe … well, we dunno. if anyone has any insights, please share!