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Tip: CoreGraphics Image Masks

Ever had issues with your CoreGraphics image masks just refusing to work right? Yeah, us too. But here’s a tip on how to make them reliable:

…Thus, I’ve found that the best and most reliable way to generate an image mask from an arbitrary image is to do this:

  1. Create a bitmap graphics context that is in an acceptable format for image masks
  2. Draw your image into this bitmap graphics context
  3. Create the image mask from the bits of the bitmap graphics context…

Well, ...

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Integrating Burstly

So we’ve been half-heartedly tracking ad network monetization options for a while, and you might have noticed that those folk over at Burstly (“Make More Money. Gauranteed.”) caught our attention repeatedly, particularly since we like their usage policy:

Burstly is 100% free to developers. There’s no charge to serve ads and we don’t take any cut of your earnings with any ad network using our Open SDK. It’s also free to use our powerful in-app ...

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Locayta Search

Historically options for natural language search functionality on iOS have been not precisely trivial to implement, but here’s something in beta you’ll probably want to look at if that’s something you have a need for: Locayta Search Mobile!

… The challenge for any content publisher therefore, is how to support their users in finding the content that they are looking for.

Locayta Search Mobile solves this problem by providing highly accurate and relevant search results, enabling users to find exactly ...

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Wireless Ad Hoc Distribution

So a while back there was this article drawing our attention to the fact that the description here

Installing Applications and Distribution Provisioning Profiles Wirelessly

iOS 4 supports over-the-air installation of enterprise applications, allowing you to distribute in-house software to your iPhone and iPod touch users without having to use iTunes or iPhone Configuration Utility…

is not, in fact, limited to enterprise applications; any ad hoc application can be distributed this way. Long as they’ve upgraded to iOS 4, and so ...

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Prototyping: Briefs

So maybe you heard about this Briefs thing before,

Presenting a toolkit for packaging your mobile concepts into prototypes that run live on the iPhone and iPod Touch. It allows you to experience the feel of your concept without expensive development.

and if you had you’ve been waiting a while apparently, but the wait is now over … kinda:

… I have waited three months for a resolution—any resolution—on the matter of Briefs’ admission into the App store and have ...

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Gesture Recognizers

So no doubt as your projects move to requiring iPad/4.x you’ve been considering using those newfangled UIGestureRecognizer thingies to save a bit of code; and here’s a few pieces to help bring you up to speed.

Nice gentle introductory walkthrough:

Implementing Gesture Recognizers

More detailed introduction, with sample project:

Gestures Recognizers in iOS

Dr. Touch has a couple handy tips for mucking around with default UIScrollView behaviours, and simplifying cell interaction:

Hacking UIScrollView Gesture Recognizers

Tap&Hold for TableView Cells, Then ...

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AppStore Review Links Redux

If you’ve been including direct review links in your apps — personally, we’ve found the itms-apps:// URL scheme described here to be the most reliable for that — here’s a subtlety for iPad-only apps that may have escaped you:

… The above link takes you directly to the review page, which is one layer down below the main app description page on the iPhone. If you have an iPhone-only, or a universal app, this link will also work on ...

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iOSDevCamp Hackathon

Just in case you missed it, the iOSDevCamp Hackathon Winners are posted; worth reading through all the winners, but here’s some particularly interesting open source bits:

Coolest App: SuperRover “Want to control a Lego Mindstorm NXT rover with an iPad over bluetooth? There’s an app for that!”

Most Accessible: Accessible TableView Library “Open source library to make table-view apps more accessible to people who are blind or visually impaired”

Best Open Source: DragKit “DragKit is an opensource framework ...

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So, looks like there’s a new App Store alternative around these days: OpenAppMkt! Basically they’re doing their best to replicate the App Store experience with HTML5 apps; and they seem to be getting a little bit of traction. As well as a good deal of frenzied yammering about “loopholes” and the like, from people whose memories apparently are not good enough to extend back to 2007 when we were all being told that HTML5 would be the only way ...

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My, it’s been a while since the last time we had a new trollish trifle for you to try, isn’t it? Our recent projects do just seem to be wandering off into the weeds in every direction, cha. But hey, here’s one today; yet another in the ever expanding collection of trinkets for those great Wayz guys, it’s … iGoalKeeper!


Just your basic catch the falling balls kind of thing,

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