Under the Bridge

PayPal MPL

So you may have noticed in that list of commercial components yesterday that there was one called “PayPal Integrator”. That was a particularly interesting one, we thought, as we’re not particularly interested in commercial credit card or cheque processors at the moment, but we do have a PayPal account; and we weren’t aware it was possible to connect to PayPal from an iPhone app, so how are they managing that?

Turns out that there is indeed an iPhone friendly official PayPal library, the “Mobile Payments Library” — and it’s been in public beta for two months, and there’s already apps in the store using it, like this sample:


That is indeed vastly more convenient than redirecting people buying physical goods out of your app to a Safari page as we’ve been doing, isn’t it? OK, onto the ever-lengthening list of things to do as soon as possible, let us add “checking out the PayPal library”!


For using credit cards directly, check out Stripe:

How To Accept Credit Cards In Your iOS Apps Using Stripe