Under the Bridge

Gradient Buttons

So here’s another shininess option for your pretty shiny buttons:

I added two more button styles to the iPhone Gradient Buttons project and made stroke color and stroke weight configurable options. The two new styles look exactly like the old Black and White style, only the highlight state is a blue gradient. These simulate the style used in alert sheets in several Apple applications.


Some of the Core Graphics code was machine-generated and is in kind of rough shape, but it works…

“Machine-generated”? Say what? Well, as noted here earlier, it turns out that drawing program Opacity will export images as source!

… Opacity also now supports exporting an image as source code. This allows developers to build an image and immediately get the code to draw that image dynamically. Quartz, Cocoa, Cocoa Touch, and JavaScript Canvas are supported for creating drawing code for Mac, iPhone, and Web applications. Variables in an image will be automatically translated into variables in the source code as well, making it easy to create powerful and flexible drawing code…

Did you know that? We did not know that. That would have saved us a good bit of time … two days ago, actually. Well, next time we have some programmatic drawing to do, we certainly know what we’re going to check out!


And here’s another option for the pretty shiny thing … GlassButtons!

For more of the exporting vectors to Core Graphics code thing, check out PaintCode and Qwarkee!