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iPad Programming Roundup

So yeah, today we’re starting our first iPad-targeted app. Just right out there on the cutting edge, yep that’s us. Mind you, this is the first of three iPad-targeted projects waiting increasingly restively for us to get around to them, and the intended delivery dates were … well, let’s move on, shall we.

The upside of being so far behind the curve you’re starting to lose sight of it in the distance, of course, is that all the clever people who take on less work than you do have put out good stuff to get you up to speed quickly. So let’s round up some of those:

Apple’s iPad Programming Guide and iPad Human Interface Guidelines are the first things to read, of course.

iPad Multi-Touch is a cute little project from the inestimable Matt Legend Gemmell showing how to handle the eleven (11!!) simultaneous touch events that the iPad supports.

iPad VGA Output is another snippet from same showing how to handle a VGA adapter connected external monitor.

iPadFontExample shows how to set up your plist to access an embedded .otf font and use it in UILabel and with embedded UIWebView content.

Unsurprisingly, Ray Wenderlich of cocos2d tutorial profligatality has an excellent set on iPad idioms too:

iPad for iPhone Developers 101: UISplitView Tutorial

iPad for iPhone Developers 101: UIPopoverController Tutorial

iPad for iPhone Developers 101: Custom Input View Tutorial

How To Port an iPhone Application to the iPad

Over at Dr. Touch, there’s another good porting walkthrough … and an amusing reminder of why you really really should test every config you claim to support:

From iPhone to Hybrid

How to make your Hybrid-App crash for sure

Here’s an article on how to make dealing with UIPopover controllers more straightforward:

Rewriting a Public Cocoa Touch API

And one on adding a navigation controller stack in the detail view of the UISplitViewController template:

Fixing the UISplitViewController Template

And one on setting up document support and file sharing:

iPad SDK 3.2 Document Support

There is a good bit of advice out there on how to set up the increasingly multiplicious varieties of icons and launch images needed for a universally savvy iOS application; unfortunately, most of it is wrong and/or outdated. Take it straight from the now not NDA’d mothership, whenever you read this:

Build-Time Configuration Details and App Icons QA1686

although at time of writing this post appears to be correct about icon varieties current as of iPhone 4 release, and adds some useful commentary. Also of interest may be this application named ChopShop to aid your artist/programmer workflow.

And finally, here’s some worthwhile thoughts on general iPad app and website design:

Designing for iPad: Reality Check

10 Beautiful and Usable iPhone and iPad Interfaces

48 Creative iPad Application Websites


Here’s some more worthwhile tips on universal apps and such:

Migrating iPhone 3.x apps to iPad and iOS 4.0

And a better split view controller:

MGSplitViewController for iPad

And some good design advice:

Design for Mobile: iPad Design Tips

Another split view replacement, tab bar and navigation controller-friendly:

Open Source: Custom iPad UISplitViewController Allows Placement Inside Tab Bars