Under the Bridge


Yes, it’s that time again, time for another chef-d’œuvre from the troll kitchen; and today the main course is something a little different, a step into the world of politics. Specifically, the upcoming Toronto mayoral election. No, seriously, the upcoming Toronto mayoral election. Presenting … iRocco!


Now, just in case anybody happened to miss this before, Galactic Troll HQ is in downtown Vancouver, and that is a long ways from Toronto. We have absolutely no idea what the issues are in the Toronto mayoral race, nor do we have any idea of how Messr. Rossi stacks up against his competitors …

… other than that quite obviously his campaign has the most discerning taste in iPhone developers compared to whomever that competition is! And since we can’t think of any other way other than choice of iPhone developer in which the office of Toronto mayor could possibly affect us, well that’s quite enough to merit The Official Troll Endorsement, isn’t it now?

(If, on the other hand, you need some other proof than “has a troll produce their iPhone app” of the manifest suitability for high office of a political candidate — although we certainly can’t imagine why! — then here is the campaign website for you to figure it out for yourself.)

And we do have a warning for anyone planning something along these lines, specifically that includes a “Donate” page: You know that bit in the agreement, section 3.3.21 to be exact, where it says

Your Application may include a direct link to a page on Your web site where you include the ability for an end user to make a charitable contribution, provided that You comply with any applicable laws…

Now, it says “a direct link to a page on Your web site”. Is it not reasonable, we ask rhetorically, that to take a URL and load it into a UIWebView should qualify as “a direct link to a page on Your web site?” Well …. not so much, it turns out:

Donations are not permitted to be taken within the application, however it is possible to provide a donation link to your web site. This link is required to open Safari to collect the donation. We encourage you to make the necessary changes to your application and resubmit it for review.

Begosh and begorrah! What, we ask, WHAT is the significant difference between “load it up in a UIWebView” and “required to open Safari”? Mutter, grumble. Well, now we know. And hey, at least it wasn’t rejected for anything actually wrong with the code.

So there you go. Should you have any interest in the Toronto mayoral race, Dear Reader, you know what to do!


  • Florian

    Opening the page in safari requires you to reveal the url to the user, while a webview doesn’t. It’s easier to detect phishing if you are the donator!

  • http://www.purpleforge.com John Craig


    Congrats on the release and navigating Apple’s latest policies. Drop me a line if you want to turn building apps like this into a profession!