Under the Bridge

Sparrow Framework

Here’s a new open source iPhone game programming library for you: Sparrow!


Sparrow is a pure Objective C library targeted on making game development as easy and hassle-free as possible. Sparrow makes it possible to write fast OpenGL applications without having to touch OpenGL or pure C (but easily allowing to do so, for those who wish). It uses a tried and tested API that is easy to use and hard to misuse…

“But wait!” you think no doubt, “aren’t you a big fan of cocos2d in your game projects?”

Why, yes, yes indeed we are; but there’s a clue in the above as to why this Sparrow thing is worth knowing about anyways. That clue is “a tried and tested API.” What does that mean? Well, it is explained more clearly here:

… But the killer feature of Sparrow is the following:

Many of you will already be familiar with it.

How come? It’s very similar to the Flash API. Anyone who has made a Flash game will feel at home instantly. You have got all the classes you are familiar with: DisplayObject, Sprite, TextField, etc. You can use the same event model, including bubbling events, etc. We only made some minor changes where we thought it made sense to do so. (E.g.: instead of the class couple “Bitmap” and “BitmapData”, you have got “Image” and “Texture”)…

So since due to the Steve Jobs Objective-C Developer Full Employment Act (aka Section 3.3.1) you may find yourself in the position of considering a Flash project port to a native application, this looks like it could indeed be an appropriate tool for that task. If so, here’s a tutorial to get you started!


And here’s another: Animations In The Sparrow Framework Game Engine Explained!