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There’s a new version out of AQGridView — which, hmmm, doesn’t look like we’ve actually mentioned before, although the thought had crossed our minds when we saw news a little while back of its Best Developer Tool win at iPad Dev Camp. So what is this award-winning piece of spiffiness, you ask?

AQGridView is an attempt to create something similar to NSCollectionView on the iPhone. If CALayoutManager were available on the iPhone, specifically the CAConstraintLayoutManager, then this would be relatively easy to put together. However, since none of those exist, there’s a lot of work to be done.

AQGridView is based around the programming model of UITableView and its associated classes. To create this class I looked long and hard at how UITableView does what it does, and attempted to replicate it as closely as possible. This means that if you are familiar with table view programming on the iPhone or iPad, you will find AQGridView simple to pick up…

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