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Tip: Shipping App Size

Just in case you ever need to know in detail:

How to calculate the final size of an iPhone App before approval

but briefly, since your executable is encrypted for the store it’s not going to compress well; so for a rough guess, try

  1. open the .app bundle via right-click -> Show Package Contents (on Mac)
  2. locate the executable file and remember its (uncompressed) size (Size “A”)
  3. delete the executable from the bundle
  4. zip the bundle and remember the bundle’s compressed size (Size “B”)

Size “C” are the 100 KB from the additional files added to the bundle by Apple. The final calculation for the maximum size of your App is as follows:

A + B + C = maximum size of your App after approval

The calculation put in words:

(uncompressed executable size) + (app bundle compressed but without executable) + 0,1 MB = maximum size of your App after approval

Handy to know if you’re butting up against the over the air download limit!

  • http://dylan.beadle.name Dylan Beadle

    Universal binaries would probably double A, no?

  • http://www.alexcurylo.com/ Alex

    Your excutable universal file contains both architectures I believe, so no difference there.