Under the Bridge


So it’s pretty easy to customize the look of regular table views, pretty much set background to [UIColor clearColor] and you’re done, but no doubt you’ve noticed it’s quite considerably trickier to customize the look and background of grouped tables, specifically getting those @(#&Y$!! corners right. Well, here is UACellBackgroundView to sort that out for you:

How to Make Custom Drawn Gradient Backgrounds in a Grouped UITableView with Core Graphics

that lets you produce pretty gradient cells like this with just a couple lines of code in your regular table handling:


Very nice, very nice. Based on this Stack Overflow question, which you can find more exposition on here; but hey, it only took us a few minutes to toss UACellBackgroundView into our current panic for a nice shininess upgrade — and it’s all about the shiny! — so no need to look further, really.