Canada FTW!

Yep, we figure we’ll make today one of those exceedingly rare occasions with a completely non-computer-related post; because well, it’s just the right day today for a little Vancouver Olympics boosterism, even if you’re as profoundly cynical as a troll, isn’t it now? Hey, you just can’t really beat for a dramatic finale that sudden death overtime goal to take hockey gold, for a new Winter Olympics gold medal count record no less. Not like we could really get much of anything else done at the moment anyways, as outside the downtown Vancouver Trollwerks Inc. world headquarters, there are very many people in the streets, and they are very excited.


Very very excited.


Yes, it’s quite the time. As the slogan has it,


Indeed. Our condolences to all of you out there who are in cities that aren’t Vancouver. Although we’re sure that yours is very nice too. And almost certainly a great deal quieter, at the moment…

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