Under the Bridge

M Cubed goodies

Hey, here’s something we hadn’t noticed before; those fine fellows over at M Cubed Software who make the most excellent Lighthouse Keeper — yes, a year and a half after we set it up it’s still running our daily operations here — have a page with all sorts of goodies for the Cocoa developer worth taking a gander at. Particularly interesting is M3TokenController:

M3TokenController is a set of classes that lets you add a token cloud to your application that integrates with NSTokenField to manage tokens within your UI, similar to what is found in Lighthouse Keeper.


also, down at the bottom, note M3BezierPath for the iPhone programmer:

M3BezierPath is a port of the NSBezierPath class to the iPhone. It isn’t fully complete (see the header for methods that aren’t implemented yet) but covers the most commonly used parts of NSBezierPath.

… but there’s lots of other goodies to sort through there as well!